Bakambu missed goal after scoring goal, Guoan Keping missed good game in Shenzhen
The Chinese Super League ended a long interval this week. In the 24th round of the league tonight, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, who played away, shook hands with Shenzhen Jiazhaoye 1-1.In another game, Guangzhou Evergrande lost to Jiangsu Suning 1 to 3, and the Guoan team missed the perfect opportunity to catch up with Evergrande.Li Lei, Li Ke, Wang Gang and Chi Zhongguo, four internationals who have just played for the top 40 on behalf of the national team, appeared in the starting direction of the Guoan team today. With the appearance of the Dalian side before the interval, Genesio onlyOne adjustment was to replace Jin Taiyan with Li Lei.Another change appeared on the bench: after being injured in the “Beijing Derby” between Beijing Guoan and Beijing Renhe on July 17, Zhang Xizhe finally announced his return and he came off the bench in the second half of the game.The cameo ranked second to the league in Shenzhen Jiazhaoye. The Beijing Guoan team did not take much advantage after the start. In the 15th minute, a series of mistakes from the midfielder to the defense line made the Shenzhen team take the lead.In the following time, the Guoan team has been passive, and the home court in Shenzhen is too soft, so Genesio ‘s team is not suitable. The team ‘s forward passes and pass success rates have hit the half of the season.New low.Bakanbu equalized.After changing sides, the Guoan team tried to strengthen the offensive and scored two goals by Zhang Yuning and Bakambu, but after VAR looked back, the ball was cancelled because of the ball out of bounds and offside.In the 74th minute, Bakanbu’s goal finally worked, and the Guoan team struggled to equalize the score.Since then, the Colombian striker has made a close shot, helping the Guoan team to overtake the score.In the end, the Guoan team scored 1 point away.