Lin Weixiang became the first new generation world champion ADC in the history of S games
2019 is Lin Weixiang’s reborn year.The official League of Legends photographer Imura Imura’s S9 Global Finals this morning, the Chinese team FPX won the championship and became the strongest dark horse.The Chinese team has always judged the quality of the team by whether they have top ADC players. First, the pride of the RNG team (ID: Uzi), then the iG team ‘s Yu Wenbo (ID: JackeyLove), and now the FPX team ‘s Lin Weixiang plays in the S game.The first zero-death record became a new generation of world champion ADC.In 2015, Lin Weixiang served as an ADC in the TCS team, but he was unknown for many years.He and the assistant Liu Qingsong are old partners. The two fell into different teams and formed a unique tacit understanding. During the game, he always needed Liu Qingsong’s personal protection.Lin Weixiang’s state is erratic, and sometimes he can save the team from crisis, but he often appears to be inadvertently caught by the opponent after a slight turnaround.Lin Weixiang was once the most unstable player in the team, but he also has a unique style of play, and he has a very good performance for the functional and Carry heroes.If Lin Weixiang is in other divisions, he may get good results earlier.However, the Chinese team always has a “conventional strategy” of repression, Lin Weixiang was once classified as the “most water ADC” column of the LPL field.In 2019, it was the year when he and Liu Qingsong assisted in a rebirth, and it became the arrival of head coach Chen Ruzhi (ID: Warhorse), bringing the team spirit of the Lightning Wolf in the LMS region to the FPX team.Lin Weixiang learned how to find a better living environment without the protection of Liu Qingsong. He is no longer an ADC waiting to be protected by his teammates. He also understands that the cooperation of five people will always be greater than personal growth.On the stage of the finals, the G2 team is a team that likes to rely on individual ability to fight alone. The final result confirms that Chen Ruzhi’s game understanding is correct, and Lin Weixiang has thus become a new generation of world champion ADC.