2015 NBA Finals Second Game-Cavaliers vs. Warriors
On June 8, Beijing time, the Cavaliers vs. Warriors finals started in the second game.  The Warriors successfully defended the home game in the first game. Both the Splash Brothers and the character jerseys performed their own duties, which was a typical team victory.On the Cavaliers side, it was not so lucky. More grief than losing was that Irving was reimbursed.In the next finals, James will lead a team forward.He scored 44 points in the first game, but still could not break the Warriors.Will James become more violent or will he change?Was Bogut secretly losing the Warriors in the next city to move on, or did James lead his team to fight back?The following are the starting points of the two parties: Cavaliers: Delaware, Chambord, James, Thompson, Mozgov Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Green, Bogut