Chris Hemsworth shows Thor ‘s Hammer, saying he is most afraid of tutoring homework at home
Sauna Night News Following the video of Kate Blanchett lifting up Thor’s hammer (props) easily during the video connection with Stephen Colbert, the video of “Raytheon” Chris Hemsworth and Jimmy Kimmel at the same timeIn the connected program, he showed his collection-including the original Joel Neil Hammer that appeared in the first “Thor” in 2011, as well as the debut in “Avengers 3: Infinite War” released in 2018.Tomahawk Stormbreaker.Joel Neil Hammer in the Chris Hemsworth Collection.In the interview, Chris Hemsworth said that the current outbreak in Australia is not as serious as in the United States and Europe.But his wife placed an order for 15 boxes of toilet paper three months ago, so their family is now rich in toilet paper.Therefore, after seeing Chris Hemsworth showing his Joel Neil hammer, Jimmy joked that he can be used as a toilet paper holder.Chris Hemsworth revealed that the prop hammers used in the shooting were all hollow and made of foam, which was easy to swing, but this one in his hand was “a little bit” and turned into a child growing up at home every day.”They are getting stronger now, and they have been able to pick it up.Chris Hemsworth holds the storm breaker.However, when Chris Hemsworth subsequently waved his treasured Tomahawk Storm Breaker, it really scared Jimmy at the other end of the video because it was big enough and looked heavy enough.Chris said that his wife did n’t seem to like to decorate these two collections with their homes. “I took them out and displayed them at home several times. After putting them on the mantelpiece, they were replaced by my wife in the”On the show, Chris also expressed the pain of being a father and facing a group of children who are not going to school at home.” The children do n’t have to go to school now, but I do n’t know how to teach them to study.All of their IQs will fall. “.Chris Hemsworth said that he often used “laws need weeding” as an excuse to avoid teaching children to read, so now he fell in love with weeding.Sauna Night Editor Wu Dongni proofreading Wu Xingfa