Kevin Fitch first responded to Scorsese’s criticism of Marvel movies: will continue to make movies
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On November 11, according to foreign media reports, Marvel Chief Creative Officer, Kevin Fitch, who created the Marvel Movie Universe, broke through the silence for the first time, expressing his concern for Martin ScorseseCriticizing the views of Marvel movies.He simply said: “It can only be said that it is a pity that everyone has a different definition of film art.Obviously, we will continue to make movies.”Earlier, Martin Scorsese publicly commented that” Marvel movies are not movies “.Fitch said straightly that this was wrong: “I think I and everyone who forced these movies to work like cinema, like movies, like going to the movies, and enjoying a public experience in a crowded movie theater.We filmed “Captain America 3”, so that the two characters surrounded a very serious dispute.At the end of Avengers: Infinite Warfare, we killed half of the characters.I think it is very interesting for us to take risks with the success we have achieved before.He mentioned that everyone has different definitions of film, art, and risk.Some people do n’t think it ‘s a movie, of course everyone has the right to express their opinions, repeat this opinion or write a column for this opinion, and he expects these things to happen next, “but at the same time, we will continue to make movies.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Liu Jun