BLACKPINK released its first official album in September, containing more than ten new songs
Sauna Night News May 18, YG Entertainment Korea announced a return arrangement involving the girl group BLACKPINK this summer. What fans are most looking forward to is that BLACKPINK’s first official album will be released in September.After a long period of planning and preparation, this official album will include more than 10 new songs, and will meet fans around the world in three stages.At present, the dance rehearsal of the main title song and preparation for MV shooting have entered the final stage, which is expected to be released in June.The second new song is scheduled to be released in July or August, but it is not convenient to reveal more specific information at this time.In addition, YG Entertainment also stated that “the combination will bring more opportunities for fans to meet, and give fans a year-long wait with wonderful content and songs.The picture comes from the official Weibo. In addition to the combination plan, BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga’s new song “Sour Candy” will also be officially launched on May 29.YG stated that it will continue to cooperate in depth with Universal Music, and is committed to developing BLACKPINK to achieve better development in the global music market.Sauna Night Net Editor Tian Xiani Intern Cao Yuxin Proofreading Zhao Lin