F1 Barcelona Test 2: R?ikk?nen keeps pressing McLaren’s failure
On the second day of the F1 Barcelona preseason test, Ferrari driver Raikkonen won the first place, and the Finn scored only 0 faster than Hamilton of Mercedes.In 023 seconds, the two were very close.  Raikkonen ran a full-time speed of 1 minute, 20 seconds and 960 with soft tires. He ran out of this lap in the last half hour of practice, and the second-ranked Hamilton used super soft in the morning test.The tire ran out of 1 minute, 20 seconds and 983. From the fact that the two people used the tires, the situation was not serious. Ferrari’s racing speed seems to be reversed than Mercedes.  Hamilton only tested in the morning today. In the afternoon, he handed the car to his new teammate Bottas, who will be responsible for the afternoon test.Botas focused on the stability of the car in the afternoon. He completed a simulation test of a substation, so his conversion score was only 1:22.986, ranking seventh, he completed a total of 102 tests.The W08 car he drove more time was using the new part of the double T wing. Mercedes team completed a total of 168 laps today.  Red Bull’s Vestapan finished third today. He used soft tires to run out of 1:22.600, which is not too much faster than the later Haas driver Magnussen, and the others used super soft tires.Magnuson completed a total of 119 laps. He and Raikkonen and Botas all tested more than 100 laps.  Force India’s Aokang ranked fifth with super-soft tires, followed by Red Bull’s Koviat. He used soft tires, Renault’s Palmer ranked eighth, and he only finished 53 in the morning.Lap testing.Giovinaz ranked ninth. The Sauber car he drove had a problem in the morning. He ran 67 laps in total.Today’s tenth place is McLaren’s Van Donne. The team repaired the car for 5 hours. The Belgian can only put the car on the track again in the last two hours of the afternoon. He only completed 40.The laps are 29 laps in the morning and 11 laps in the afternoon.Behind him is Williams’ Stroll, with a lap time of 1:26.040.(Legalen)