2015 America’s Cup-Neymar kicked red to Brazil 0-1 Colombia to stop 11 straight wins
At 8:00 on June 18th, Beijing time (21:00 on the 17th local time in Chile), the first round of the second round of the America’s Cup Group C in Santiago, Brazil lost 0 to 1 to Colombia, ending 11 consecutive victories since Dengjia took office, 24The first loss to Colombia in years.Central defender Murillo made his first record.Neymar received a yellow card for handball when he shot.In the second half, Firmino faced the empty goal high.Shandong Luneng striker Tardelli came off the bench.After the game, Neymar and Baka got red cards.Neymar kicked Almero in a moment of chaos. Neymar got a red card. Dunga replaced two starters. David Luiz made a mistake in the first round. The former captain Thiago Silva replaced it. Shandong Luneng forward TaldeLee lost his position and Firmino and Neymar formed a front line.Coutinho healed as a substitute.  Colombia wanted to report the revenge of Brazil’s elimination in the World Cup last year. The team has won seven consecutive victories until the first round of the cup was defeated by Venezuela.In the 27 encounters in the history of the two teams, Colombia only achieved 2 wins (8 draws and 17 losses).Pekerman adjusted the strike line, the riverbed veteran Teo replaced Baka, no change in other positions.J Ronaldo against Barcelona’s Neymar and Alves. The last time Real Madrid and Barcelona players met in the America’s Cup, it was Robinho vs. Messi on July 15, 2007.The second day of Ronaldo’s birth was exactly the day when Colombia beat Brazil last time (July 13, 1991, the Chilean America Cup group stage 2-0).  Colombia wore a yellow shirt and Brazil changed to a blue jersey.One minute of silence before the game to mourn the former Brazilian star Zito.The rhythm is faster after the opening, but can only start from outside the penalty area.In the 20th minute, Alves appeared to be hit by Special Olympics and fell to the ground. Chilean referee Orses showed Almero a yellow card. However, after the Colombian lawmakers protested, he changed the yellow card to Special Olympics.However, Slow Mirror showed that Special Olympics did not seem to have obvious contact with Alves.  Colombia scored the goal for the first time. In the 36th minute, Quadrado took a free kick on the right side. After the top of the penalty area was refracted, Murillo pushed the left foot into the lower left corner at 9 meters in front of the goal, 1-0, whichIt was his first goal in eight national team games. He also became the fourth Colombian player to break the Brazilian goal in the America’s Cup.Dunga coached Brazil twice for 12 games, which was the third goal conceded in the first half.  Brazil is more passive after conceding a goal.In the 38th minute, Almero made a cross from the left and Falcao header in the middle of the penalty area. Theo, who followed up, almost caught.In the 43rd minute, J Ronaldo made a low pass from the left, and Special Olympics made a point before his heel to do back. Quadrado pushed the left foot and slid out of the right post at 13 meters in front of the door!  It was not until the 44th minute that Brazil won the first shot in the first banned area. Alves countered the diagonal pass on the right. Neymar rushed to the top 6 meters in front of the goal and was blocked by Ospina.Pina confiscated.Neymar got a yellow card, plus the first-round hand wiped the referee logo bubble yellow, and the next round will miss the Venezuela.Throughout the first half, Brazil shot less than half of its opponents (4 to 9).  Colombia, the America’s Cup in Colombia, 34 times leading only 1 loss (29 wins and 4 draws), Brazil 32 times the America’s Cup half behind only 3 wins (6 draws and 23 losses), the most recent one was the reversal of Paraguay on July 18, 2001.At the end of the half, Neymar and J Ronaldo exchanged jerseys.In the second half, Coutinho replaced Fred.In the 48th minute, Neymar burst into the penalty area and shot low.Then Quadrado ran inwards in the half, and the left foot of the penalty area volleyed and segregated out.  Brazil missed the must-go opportunity in the 58th minute!Murillo returned the goalkeeper, Ospina made a kick, and Elias fought back, and Firmino pushed the empty goal 12 meters in front of the goal.  Douglas Costa and Tardelli made their debut, replacing William and Elias, and Pekerman replaced starting strikers Falcao and Theo, replacing Ivalvo and Baka.In the 79th minute, Douglas Costa made a cross from the bottom left, and Firmino missed the point.  In stoppage time, Neymar suffered a footstep from Murillo and shoved the other side, while Alves quarreled with Baka.After the final whistle, Neymar kicked Almero with a big foot, Almero fell to the ground, Baka rushed up and pushed Neymar away, the players broke out again, the Baka jersey was torn.Both Neymar and Baka were shown red cards!Neymar was last red on September 30, 2012 (Santos vs. Gremio).Pekerman became the first Argentine coach in the America’s Cup to lead a team other than Argentina to beat Brazil.Brazil (4-2-2-2): 1-Jefferson/2-Alves, 14-Tiago-Silva, 3-Miranda, 6-Philippe/5-Fernandinho, 8-Elias (76’9-Tardelli)/19-William (69’7-Douglas-Costa), 17-Fred (46’21-Coutinho)/11-Firmino, 10- Neymar (captain) Colombia (4-4-2): 1-Ospina/18-Suniga, 22-Murillo, 2-Zapata, 7-AlmeLuo/11-Quadrado, 6-Carlos Sanchez, 5-Edwin Valencia (81’15-Mexia), 10-Hames-Rodriguez/19-Teo(76’17-Baka), 9-Falcao (captain) (69’16-Ivalvo) (Ma Ge)